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This site rebuild is brand new December 2014. The plan is to get some of the members cars displayed on this page.

Jim Brandberg's racer

Jim Brandberg Jim's Car Nice engine

Fran's LEDs

Fran's Six Tail Lights Six Brake Lights Six Backup Lights
Air cleaner clamp
Fran's FC Nice quick release holdown  
Quick video of his turn signals Video #2 - turn signals Lee Knauf's 66 [L] and 69 [R]

Custom Turn Signals

This turn signal setup is the work of our long time member, Fran Schmit. Thanks for submitting the video Fran.

Another one of Fran's projects is his Sequential Turn Signals

Sequential Turn Signals from Bob Rowe on Vimeo.

Sequential Turn Signals from Bob Rowe on Vimeo.

Fran's Adjustable Distributor